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Managing the Connection Between Your Eyes & Brain

Your eyes and brain share a unique connection, but if there’s any disturbance between them, you might experience annoying symptoms like eye strain, dry eyes, and sensitivity to light. Not fun, right?

Here’s where Neurolenses come in to manage these concerns by strengthening the bond between your eyes and brain.

If you’re curious to see how Neurolenses can help with your eye and vision issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing team today! We’re here to assist you.

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What Are Neurolenses?

Neurolenses are specialized lenses designed to alleviate trigeminal dysphoria, a condition where the eyes are slightly misaligned, leading to strain on the trigeminal nerve. Trigeminal dysphoria can result in symptoms like:

We can address these concerns with the help of the prism lens technology used in Neurolenses.

Getting Neurolenses

Before recommending Neurolenses, we’ll have you come in for a comprehensive eye exam. During this exam, we can assess the severity of your symptoms and measure your eye alignment using a Neurolens Measurement Device.

The Neurolens Measurement Device (NMD) utilizes eye-tracking technology to evaluate the movement and alignment of your eyes. The device works by shining a light into your eye and monitoring the reflection of that light as it moves across your retina.

Get Started with Neurolens Today

There’s more to your eye comfort than you might think.

Get help managing the relationship between your eyes and brain today and book an appointment to explore your options for Neurolenses.

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